What are your Top 8 this year?

What are your Top 8 this year?

Celebrate your 2018 achievements and let them propel you into the New Year!

As we are getting really close to the end of 2018, I thought I would take a step back and identify my eight best moments and achievements of the year.  What are YOUR best moments? 

Much too often we do many great things during the year, we surpass ourselves, we enjoy really beautiful moments, and we forget to consciously celebrate them. This year, I invite you to take a moment to sit down with a good latte, a little music, your favorite pen and a nice notebook. Think about all the great things you’ve done and the beautiful times that showed up in your life this year. Make a list in your notebook. Read it and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy these beautiful moments again!

Today I am sharing with you my list of accomplishments and joys of 2018, things that make me proud, or that helped me to develop my self-leadership; I hope it will inspire you too.

My Top 8 of 2018

1. Fantastic time spent with my three children and my spouse at Les Glissades des Pays d’en Haut in the Laurentians. What a beautiful family weekend to share laughs, memories, and solidify our relationships
2. In connection with my “Visibility” theme for 2018, I trusted myself and produced a video for my Toastmasters club. This video was meant to help students of the University of Quebec in Outaouais (UQO) and give them two powerful tips for dealing with the stress of speaking in public. It forced me to handle my own stress of making a video  🙂 

With the help of a friend, I co-founded a group (VISION ±60); its mission is to empower women that want to create a new start after a busy career.

4. I was awarded a contract to teach Leadership at the Institute of Professional Development at the University of Ottawa. What a wonderful team to work with.

I painted the kitchen myself! I am so proud!


My team now has a new assistant: Geneviève, she supports me in all the administrative tasks. A real gem!


I created a new and very rewarding workshop for my participants and myself, on self-leadership: the workshop Word of the Year. A workshop that helps give direction and vision to the new year ahead.


I had great success in ballroom dancing competition which keeps me physically fit and motivates me to improve myself.

These are good moments and achievements that inspire me to appreciate my everyday life and motivate me to make dreams come true. If I asked you “what is one of your best moments of 2018”, what would you put on your list? Think about it and enjoy!

I take this opportunity to wish you all, faithful readers, a very Happy Holiday season and a warm start for 2019!

Let your talents shine!


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