Your Summer Happiness Checklist @ Work

Your Summer Happiness Checklist @ Work

How to Enjoy Your Time in the Office between Vacations

Summertime equals vacation. That’s great! But what’s to appreciate when you’re stuck in the office? You have probably noticed that productivity goes down, attendance is lower, and workers are more distracted.

A different tempo to be sure. But even though you aren’t at the beach, your days don’t have to be boring, depressing, and unproductive.

My goal in writing this article is to keep the summer newsletter on the light side, and offer a few ideas to help you appreciate these days at the office. So I created a checklist of moments you can enjoy; moments to elevate your energy level and put you in a state of gratitude. Checkmark the ones that inspire you, and add your own to create YOUR checklist.

  1. I can catch up on my emails
  2. I get fewer emails in the summer! Yay!
  3. My difficult colleague is away on vacation! Yay!
  4. Traffic is also on vacation! Yay!
  5. I can leave home later in the morning
  6. I can wear sandals at work – NO boots!
  7. I can wear jeans to work and have a picnic in the park for lunch
  8. I have time to reorganize my office and make it Zen and visually appeasing
  9. I can buy hotdogs at the corner hotdog stand, and have ice cream more often
  10. I can have lunch with my colleagues on a terrace, and we can hold a meeting outside
  11. I can spend more time on research because the office and the phones are quieter.
  12. I can catch up on my reading and enjoy reading my article on “Time Management and Self-Management”
  13. I can buy fast coffees because there is no lineup at the cafeteria
  14. We get to work on this summer schedule of Fridays off or Fridays afternoon Off
  15. I can attend the street festivals at lunchtime
  16. I might have the time to swim at the lake near my office
  17. I now have the time to do the filing (for those of us who like it!)
  18. I can concentrate on some projects I have put on the back burner
  19. I can rethink how I chair and manage my team meetings
  20. I can just enjoy the moment!

Voilà! These are some of my ideas you can easily use to enjoy lightness and appreciate this wonderful time of year. Have a great summer and see you in September!


Francine Provost

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