Client Testimonials

“The DISC session was very educational and very practical for our team members; we could easily identify with the various exercises that were presented to us. One participant even said that it was probably one of the best training he had had the chance to participate in government. “

_Luc Tanguay, Chief Economist, Agriculture Canada


“I really enjoyed our DISC Team Session and got a lot of insights out of it about myself and my colleagues. I would definitely recommend this session for others especially for the other groups within my directorate.”

_Stephanie, AAFC


“It was a very good session on the DISC Model. I saw a very good participation of my team with great openness and camaraderie. Definitely a success that will help forge team spirit and promote good collaboration amongst  employees. Thank you.”

_Jacquelin Vigneau, Manager, Verification and Processing Services, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


PMI OVOC – Teambuilding Secrets for Smart Project Managers


“The Facilitators: The facilitators were excellent, very well prepared and easy to work with. These qualities are key to the success of any session.
Storyboarding: The storyboarding session was a great success at our Conference. Our team learned tips for drafting a report outline, how to focus on key messages, how to obtain key evidence (not necessarily all gathered) and how to develop a logical flow in telling the performance story. In addition to providing clarity and focus for report writing, storyboarding can be an excellent team exercise.
Writing: It was also refreshing to have another look at writing styles and plain language – We received some good reminders!”

_Arti Sachdev
Internal Auditor
Canada Revenue Agency


“We hired Ms. Provost to give workshops to managers and employees in several Research Centres in our region. Given the mandate and strategic goals, she successfully presented the workshop to the specific target audience with diligence. She was very professional, and the participant feedback was very positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Provost.” (Adapted from French)

_Marie Rolande Saint-Pierre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Consultant, learning and organizational development


“Francine Provost introduced us to the Birkman Method. While it seemed a little complicated at first, it was surprisingly revealing, allowing us to spot similarities and differences among the members of our management group that we hadn’t seen before. We left a day-long session with a better appreciation for what we each bring to the team and some practical tools for communicating. I discovered just how rich the Birkman method is when Francine was able to do some follow-up work with my staff using further reports produced from the same surveys. If your goal is to understand the people you work with, you’ll find Birkman a powerful support.”

_Alexandra Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
The Agency for Co-operative Housing