Team Development



People tend to say that in TEAM there is no “I”. But in reality when you think about it, a team is a group of “I's", for Individual, with specific and unique needs, talents, and ways of contributing to the team. At EKIPTEAM, we like to think that when we understand the individuals on the team, we can best respond to their needs and maximize their contribution. The programs below are designed with the individual in mind while at the same time focusing on the team progress and achievements.

Team Training Programs

Each topic identified below will ensure each team member develops his/her skills and aptitude for self-leadership and team leadership. Our programs are designed for the long-term development of each individual in the organization, directly benefiting the team as well as to the organization. We like to consider the bigger picture that our programs will help create. Integrate one or more of the following topics in a customized training program to best support your team development needs.

  • Teamwork
  • Relationships @ Work
  • Personality Dynamics Series
  • Communication: The 5 Levels of Listening
  • Conversations that Make a Difference
  • "SMART" Feedback

Team Discovery Session

Discover or re-discover your team!

If you are an acclaimed leader or hold the title of manager of the year, this invitation is not for you!  But, if you aspire to one of these titles, and wish to see your team thrive this year, here’s an invitation just for you.

The Team Discovery Session is a high value full content,  highly interactive and fun activity based on the DISC Model of human behaviors. Book a half-day or full day session of discoveries and teambuilding activities, and get the following benefits:

  • DISC Personality Profiles : individuals and group chart
  • Know how to use the 4 dimensions DISC Model
  • Recognize motivators and needs, strengths and blind spots, as well as stress responses and strategies for each style
  • Celebrate each style’s contributions to the team
  • Recognize where personalities will have challenges
  • Appreciate and positively use differences in team members
  • Use powerful strategies for more collaboration and productivity
  • Session adapted to your reality
  • And more …Make this year your best TEAM year!

 Team Retreats / Teambuilding Activities

Make your team retreats come to life by including one of the following short activities:

  • Making Sense of Your People Puzzles (90 minutes)
  • Funbook: How to Understand Yourself and Others (60-90 minutes)