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At EKIPTEAM we believe that leadership training and coaching is not only for managers in position of authority. Our philosophy is that leadership is applicable at every level of the organization, that every individual should exercise leadership whether it’s team leadership, project leadership, or self-leadership. Let’s develop the extraordinary potential of your teams through our training and coaching programs.


EKIPTEAM can offer its services in either English, French or both!

Workshops and Webinars

Knowing how busy leaders are, we offer short and concise training modules; either 90-minutes or  half-day.

You can choose a live classroom style workshop or a webinar. Let’s discuss what works best for you.



The following modules are part of our regular offering:

  • Leadership @ Work Level 1
  • Leadership @ Work Level 2
  • Leadership Cues and Clues
  • Presenting with Style
  • Secret Keys to Your Success
  • Personality Dynamics Series

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Coaching Programs

EKIPTEAM offers various coaching programs that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Leadership Coaching Program

Being a team leader is not always easy: decisions may seem difficult, there are challenges and obstacles to overcome; there are also opportunities to take advantage of. The  “Leadership Coaching” program is a unique package for new and emerging supervisors and leaders who want to be supported in their daily role and want to increase the quality of their results. This program gives you access to expertise in leadership skills such as communication, relationships and teamwork, human resource management, and ongoing support. EKIPTEAM will go through a pre-determined set of leadership skills but the program is highly interactive! We will listen and address your questions and concerns as they surface. 

Self-Leadership Development Program

This is a one-day session for anyone who aspires at becoming the best contributor to their own success and to the success of the team they are part of. Two powerful modules Word of the Year, and Professional VISION BOARD. It includes topics such as creating an inspiring intention for your work year or personal life, bringing your vision to life, and implementing actions that will bring you satisfaction, results, solid work and personal relationships.

Supervisors Team Discovery Session

This is a 90 minute session for supervisors to facilitate a team discussion about their Team DISC results and profile. EKIPTEAM will help you, the leader, to prepare and structure a team meeting to better integrate the DISC Model in your day to day interactions and build a team you can call a gold mine of collaborators.

Supervisors Training-Coaching Program

A program for supervisors who wish to develop their leadership skills and maximize team collaboration at all levels. The program provides the supervisor with concrete tools and strategies to help him/her guide their team members in their respective roles, and in developing collaboration through strong relationships.

This 90-day intensive coaching/training package is a six module program:

  • Module 1 – The Supervisor as a Leader
  • Module 2 – Communication Styles, Listening, and Feedback
  • Module 3 – Priority and Energy Management
  • Module 4 – Self-Leadership
  • Module 5 – Team Leadership
  • Module 6 – Leadership Cues and Clues

Click here for a detailed description of the six module program.

How to get started

EKIPTEAM offers its clients a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your training and needs. From this interactive meeting, EKIPTEAM will prepare a proposal that can be further discussed and finalized.

Don't wait; it's never too soon to start planning, budgeting and implementing strategies to bring your team to their full potential!



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