Leadership and Working Together Means …

Leadership and Working Together Means …

blue silhouettesAs I am writing this article for you my loyal readers, I am one day away from going on vacation. 🙂  Summer time is a time to re-energize, to do less, to spend time with our loved ones, and to have fun. So to stay in line with that feeling, I am offering you a little something to ponder through the summer. You can apply it at work; you can apply it at home. Wherever you are, always know that you are inspiring people and influencing the world around you positively.

Have a wonderful summer!


Leadership and Working (or Living) Together Means…

  • Being curious about the other person, not judgmental
  • Being open to new ideas, not scared of them
  • Being grateful for what others bring to the table, not critical
  • Being tolerant of differences, not cynical
  • Being ready to learn, not give up
  • Being a leader, not a dictator
  • Being a seeker of possibilities, not a blamer


Working, or living, together is all about developing yourself while looking for ways to contribute to the development and success of others.

Experience of the week: This week, look for opportunities to support a colleague’s effort, or encourage a team member learning something new. Observe how you feel… watch how they thrive! Now go have fun working with others!  🙂

Proactive idea of the month: Plan to have a team session this fall. Book a FREE strategic conversation with me to discuss it.

Have a good week!

Francine Provost

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