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Family Development Program

If you have observed that some of your children are different from you, that’s a good thing. It is the wealth of these differences that allow us to create meaningful relationships. Discover how your unique personality can support you as family leader and how you can help your children understand their unique personalities and develop their strengths.

This program will help you get better results, create more harmony in your relationships, and impact on your education structure and the family atmosphere. Use your personal leadership to create the results you want and help your children develop their own leadership.


  • Personality Profiles for Parents (DISC Model)
  • Personality Profiles for Children (Teenagers and children 5-12 years)
  • Family Chart
  • Report on Differences
  • Family and Invidual Coaching Sessions
  • Training
    • Understand the 4 personality styles
    • How to handle conflicting personality styles
    • How to communicate with “style”, harmonizing family relationships

Programs designed as per your family needs and number of persons.

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