DISC Report Teen Concise Version

DISC Discovery Report Teen Concise Version

Now 12 pages!

This “Get Real” DISC personality profile version of the Discovery Report is designed just for teens, between 13 and 31 years old to help them and their parents and teachers understand themselves and their strengths. It also includes feedback that is helpful in career direction. Parents and teachers will also find the report useful to gain insights into how to connect and interact based on his or her personality style. Parents and teachers will become better equipped, more conscious, a leader that is developing a future leader regardless of the teenager’s interests. If you are wondering what motivates the teenager, why he behaves in a certain manner, the Get Real profile will allow you to answer these questions, to develop strong ties and harmonious relationships during the transition period from teenager to adulthood. The online assessment takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. A practical and easy-to-read 12-page report will be created that provides:

• Introduction to the DISC traits
• Words that describe you
• Your Strengths
• Tips on how to move ahead in life
• Motivational style and environment needs
• Overview of the DISC personality model
• Communication tips
• Career tips
• Personality graphs (newly expanded section)
• More resources to consider
This resource for teens, college students and young adults was developed under the leadership of personality expert, speaker and author Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.. Dr. Rohm is the author of Positive Personality Profiles, A+ Ideas for Every Student’s Success, and Tales out of School.

Available in English

You can order this report by contacting FProvost@Ekipteam.ca