Just do it

Just Do It!

Three Steps to Stretch Your Comfort Zone

You did not hear from me in April for a good reason: I was pushing my limits on a 16-day adventure tour in Costa Rica. I must admit this trip was the most “exciting, exhilarating, scary, and fun filled discovery-stretch my comfort zone” kind of trip.

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2019 Goals

3 Tips and Tricks to Reach Your 2019 Goals!


Here we are in January, a month when we make new starts and often new resolutions. Not totally unlike the way we begin September after a summer of holiday time and warm weather, the time of getting back to serious work or starting a new school term. Continue reading “2019 Goals”

Am I Good Enough

Am I good enough?

3 Ways to Answer the Question “Am I Good Enough…?”

On Friday I was listening to a video from my colleague, Carl Brouillette, an occupational therapist specializing in mental health at work. He was talking about how we experience stress when we lack competence. It made me think of all the times I ask myself, “Am I good enough?” Continue reading “Am I Good Enough”

Behaviors that will destroy your credibility

With all that is happening right now in the media we do not know who to believe anymore; some people have lost a lot of their credibility in my eyes. What about you, is there someone you don’t quite trust? Or on the other side, is there someone who might not trust you totally? The last few weeks have been filled with news and examples of behaviors that bring doubts, harm, or worse, destroy someone’s credibility. These examples inspired me this month’s article. Continue reading “Behaviors that will destroy your credibility”