What’s Your Plan?

What’s Your Plan?

Every Project Deserves a Plan

It’s finally summer, the weather is beautiful, and you have plenty of projects. But do you have a plan?
Small or big, personal or professional, any project deserves to have a plan. Why you ask? For three good reasons: a) it ensures you achieve the desired objective; (b) it helps to achieve it effectively; c) it maintains your mental health.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in the preparation and launching of a sailboat our sailing club had bought last fall. I was so impressed by the planning exercise our group leader had done. His careful preparation allowed us to reach our goal to launch in four days, which is a huge success considering the enormous work that had to be done. From this enriching experience, I wanted to share with you seven observations I thought could be useful for my reader-leaders. Continue reading “What’s Your Plan?”

Just do it

Just Do It!

Three Steps to Stretch Your Comfort Zone

You did not hear from me in April for a good reason: I was pushing my limits on a 16-day adventure tour in Costa Rica. I must admit this trip was the most “exciting, exhilarating, scary, and fun filled discovery-stretch my comfort zone” kind of trip.

Continue reading “Just do it”

2019 Goals

3 Tips and Tricks to Reach Your 2019 Goals!


Here we are in January, a month when we make new starts and often new resolutions. Not totally unlike the way we begin September after a summer of holiday time and warm weather, the time of getting back to serious work or starting a new school term. Continue reading “2019 Goals”

Am I Good Enough

Am I good enough?

3 Ways to Answer the Question “Am I Good Enough…?”

On Friday I was listening to a video from my colleague, Carl Brouillette, an occupational therapist specializing in mental health at work. He was talking about how we experience stress when we lack competence. It made me think of all the times I ask myself, “Am I good enough?” Continue reading “Am I Good Enough”

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Faced With Yet Another Change

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Faced With Yet Another Change

autumnNew season, new colors! It’s already October and you’re probably back into the full swing of things. Maybe you came back a few weeks ago after a wonderful vacation to find out that yes, one more change is happening this year. Maybe it’s a new system you have to learn; maybe it’s reorganization; maybe your office is moving; maybe you’re getting a new boss. Continue reading “Three Mistakes to Avoid When Faced With Yet Another Change”