Sales Page Book and Report

Leadership Cues & Clues - Strengths, Struggles and Strategies to better understand and lead.

At EKIPTEAM we use this tool as part of our Discovery and Leadership Development programs.

Leadership Cues & Clues is a 16 pages paper booklet filled with valuable tips to help you choose the approach to use for each person on your team according to their style.

  • These strategies will help you customize your approach to be effective rather than acting on autopilot.
  • This knowledge will allow you to avoid certain mistakes that most leaders make especially when confronted with people called "difficult"



A Discovery report of your own style will help you to better understand and assimilate the content of the Leadership Cues & Clues booklet. It will allow you to practice your new strategies with someone close to you and be awed by the results. 
When you purchase a condensed profile, we will send you the FREE " WHAT is DISC? " document in PDF format.



  • This nine-page document is a good example of the DISC personality model we refer to in the Leadership Cues & Clues booklet.
  • " WHAT IS DISC " will also help you prepare tailored conversations and not leave positive outcomes to chance.