Be a Facilitative Leader – Ten Qualities of Facilitative Leaders

Be a Facilitative Leader

Ten Qualities of Facilitative Leaders

By Steve Davis

Are you in a formal leadership position? If so, you probably know better than anyone that leadership represents far more than merely a job position. Leadership spans a spectrum of skills and qualities.

If you aren’t the formal leader, it’s quite likely that you’ve had ideas about what your leader “should” be doing. Perhaps you’ve felt powerless to affect any change from where you stand. Continue reading “Be a Facilitative Leader – Ten Qualities of Facilitative Leaders”

How to Manage the Email Tornado?

Email Management

How often do you check your emails in a day? 5 times? 50 times? Each time you hear the email alert? So, who’s in charge, you or your emails?  We all have varied reasons for looking into that inbox too often, for example, the need to stay connected, the need to be on top of things, or the need for critical information. Maybe we need to ask ourselves if it is always for a good reason and if not, maybe we can apply the proverb, Continue reading “How to Manage the Email Tornado?”

Continuous Appreciation For Your Administrative Assistant

Continuous Appreciation For Your Administrative Assistant

Administrative Professionals Week is approaching quickly (April 25th to April 29th 2011) and as managers and employers we want to recognize our administrative assistant’s good work. An easy and inexpensive way to do so is to apply continuous (ongoing / regular??) appreciation and recognition.

I like the idea that this event is a reminder to show our appreciation for all the efforts our administrative assistants make. At the same time, it is unfortunate that some leaders only do so on special occasions – or never do. Continue reading “Continuous Appreciation For Your Administrative Assistant”

Feedback or Criticism?

Feedback or Criticism?

Pave your road for agreement, not disagreement.

Sonia was just getting ready to head home after a long and busy day when a colleague comes   to her desk and says: “Your approach in this document is all wrong. Management will never read your report!” Feedback? It smells more like criticism to me.

Criticism is not only emotionally painful but it rarely accomplishes what we want, i.e. better results.

So why do we use criticism rather than helpful feedback?

Maybe we fear giving feedback because we know the pain it can cause; Continue reading “Feedback or Criticism?”

How to make a toast that has punch!

How to make a toast that has punch!

Not everyone feels comfortable making toasts, and few know about the etiquette involved. But if you are toasting someone during this holiday season, or anytime, you do want to deliver your toast with polish and expertise. My best advice is: prepare what you’re going to say and “be authentic”. Presenting a toast is not an exact science; however, if you follow these tips, you will deliver professional toasts that people remember! Continue reading “How to make a toast that has punch!”

Clear Writing is No Accident

Clear Writing is No Accident

By Margaret Caines, M.Ed., Communications consultant

Tips for revising your writing

Once upon a time there was a story about a mother who wrote a letter to her son; she closed the letter by writing, “I’m sorry it’s so long, but I didn’t have time to make it shorter.” Unfortunately, many business letters look as if they were written by that same mother, and the result for the reader is a mishmash of long words, long sentences, and pages with no white space, just because the writer did not take time to revise his or her writing. Continue reading “Clear Writing is No Accident”