Leadership Cues & Clues

Leadership Cues & Clues


Leadership Cues & Clues – Strengths, difficulties and strategies to better undestand and lead

was written with  a leader in mind: YOU!

At EKIPTEAM, we use this tool as an integral part of our Leadership programs.

Leadership Cues & Clues, is a 16 page booklet filled with precious tips to help you succeed as a leader. These tips will help you choose tailored approches with each person in your team and their particular styles. 

  • These strategies will help you be more efficient by personalizing your approach rather than winging it. 
  • The knowledge fromt this book will allow you to avoid common errors that leaders fall into, especially when dealing with "difficult" personalities. 


If you already have your DISC Profile, it will be easier for you to understand and absorb the contents of Leadership Cues & Clues. Read it again with Leadership Cues & Clues in mind. If not; purchase your DISC Profile right away and you will be able to apply your newly learnt strategies immediately on your team.