5 Tips to Make a Toast that has Punch during the Holiday Season

5 Tips to Make a Toast that has Punch during the Holiday Season!

Not everyone feels comfortable making toasts, and few know about the etiquette involved. But if you are toasting someone during this holiday season, or anytime, you do want to deliver your toast with polish and expertise.

My best advice is: prepare what you’re going to say and “be authentic”. Presenting a toast is not an exact science; however, if you follow these tips, you will deliver professional toasts that people remember!

  1. See that all glasses have been filled before you start your toast. Cold beverages should be used in all cases (e.g., no coffee or tea).


  2. Get everyone’s attention by standing. Then say, “May I have your attention please?”  Or stand and quietly raise your glass high enough for everyone to see (then place your glass on the table until you are ready to raise it). It’s not proper etiquette to hit your glass with a utensil.


  3. Rehearse what you plan to say so that your toast is to the point and professional. This should go without saying, but… make sure you are sober when you give your toast.


  4. Once you have finished speaking, hold your glass up and look at your audience and nod. Avoid clinging glasses.


  5. Offer your toast to a person and not an object or event, for example, “to all those who worked at making this event a success”, rather than, “to the success of this event”.


Have fun practicing toasts during the Holiday Season!

Everyone here at EKIPTEAM,

wishes you a peaceful and safe Holiday Season.

All the best for 2018!



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