2019 Goals

3 Tips and Tricks to Reach Your 2019 Goals!


Here we are in January, a month when we make new starts and often new resolutions. Not totally unlike the way we begin September after a summer of holiday time and warm weather, the time of getting back to serious work or starting a new school term.

The difference in January, however, is that we move into a NEW year and we become inspired to begin anew, to make fresh decisions related to our dreams or our ambitions.

But WHO makes resolutions? 50% of the population according to some studies. And who keeps their resolutions? Approximately 8% of those who make them. So why make resolutions?

The people who do it resolve to improve a sphere of their life – a positive goal for sure. If you are one of the 50% who make resolutions, you should also have a few practical ideas to help you join the 8% club. With this in mind I have included three tips that might help you stick to your promises to yourself.

Tips and tricks to achieve your 2019 objectives

  1. Give your year a theme related to your objective. A theme is broader than a single goal or a resolution. For example, you are overloaded at work or at home and under a lot of stress. Your theme could be “ZEN”. This theme motivates you to think of all the small or big things that you could decide to do to make your life more Zen.
  2. Use this theme as a decision filter when it comes time to say yes or no to a request. Here are three examples of questions to ask in a decision:
    1. Is this decision aligned with my theme this year?
    2. Will this decision bring me closer to my goal or move me away from it?
    3. If I make this decision what will be the positive / negative impact in the medium term? Long-term?
  3. Base your theme on something concrete. Write your theme on post-it notes on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, or as a screen saver. You can also make your theme visual by creating a VISION BOARD, a collage of images and words which represent your wishes or goals. A vision board will inspire you and give you creative energy on a daily basis. Whichever way you choose to anchor your theme concretely, the important thing is to do it. Find what works for you.

In 2018 I created two new, most rewarding self-leadership workshops: The Word of the Year and the Vision Board. Send me an email to find out more and we can discuss the possibility of holding a meeting together. This workshop will give direction to your new year that begins.

This is an effective and different way to put your 2019 goals in the spotlight.

Keep your talents shining!


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